Room Revivals:  (A combination of 2 or more of my services)

My wife and I have lived in our house for 15 years, but in that time we worked full time and had little time to really look at how we decorated our home. After being retired for 2 years we started to seriously plan to redo our bedrooms 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms but were unsure as to where to begin. That was when a friend told us about Nancy Romweber.  She had examples of her previous work and when we talked with her we enjoyed her easy style and willingness to work with us.

Nancy came to our home, looked over the rooms in question, talked with us about our thoughts and listened to what we like and don’t like. She came up with redecorating as well as repurposing ideas that would fit each room. She diagramed her plans, gave us many suggestions as to using furniture we had but would be refinished to fit the décor of the particular room, as well as purchasing new furniture to blend in with her plans.

Nancy then went about refinishing certain pieces to go with the particular room, and we took some of her suggestions as to purchasing new furniture. Nancy then placed all the pieces in each bedroom, also rearranged some existing furniture to better fit the space, and took our art collection and selected pieces to go with the room’s décor. Nancy does her own refinishing and the results were spectacular, it was hard to recognize some of the furniture after she worked on it, each piece turned out to take such a beautiful transformation.

When the bedrooms and bathrooms were finished we were both so pleased with the look in each room, it felt just like us. Our home now is more inviting to spend time in and we so enjoy how Nancy has changed our master suite.

If you are thinking about making changes to your home, just a room or the whole house I would strongly recommend that you contact Nancy Romweber first to begin planning your changes.

Jim Ferranti

Redesigns (otherwise known as 1-day makeovers)

 I am no longer embarrassed when people ask to see my house!  Walking into my bedroom has always been disappointing and stressful to me.  Every time I went into it I thought, I really need to do something to decorate my bedroom.  Now it's beautiful and I didn't have to buy anything, it all came from within my house.  I am amazed at how beautiful and peaceful it is.  My family room, living room and dining room had no flow to them and always looked dry and without any personality.  Now they light up and invite conversation.  I had lots of "things" that I bought in different places but I didn't know how to place them together.  Nancy did such a wonderful job and I just love the way it all looks.  Now I am happy to show anyone my house! 

Hillary Weissinger

My husband and I moved into our new house last year and were at a loss as to how to decorate it.  We had accumulated colorful artwork and other items from our travels that we wanted to display, but we were overwhelmed with the task.  Luckily, we hired Nancy to come and redesign our home.  She was able to take the items, art, and our furniture and arrange them in a fashion that truly transformed our home to an incredible level.  Before Nancy came and changed our rooms and lives for the better, we had been completely embarrassed to entertain friends or family in our new home.  After the Redesign, we were so excited to have people come over and enjoy our "new" rooms.  We are so thrilled with Nancy's creative eye and amazed that she could literally change the living room and dining room from boring and awkward to beautiful just by reusing items we already owned in a manner we could never have done on our own.  We feel like we were on a home makeover tv show!  We would highly recommend Nancy's work for any room in the home.  

Krissy and Sebastien Suhac

Redesign Reveal:

Commissioned Projects:

"Thank you for saving my Africa Room and refining it to my restful vision of that remarkable place.  Not only are you gifted with enormous, talented expertise, you are kind with great cheer too!  I much enjoyed meeting you.  Many, many thanks."

JoAnne McIlwraith

"We love the mural in the powder room and the little animal surprises in the kids room! You did a great job- and you are quite a find!"

Laurie Fallon

"We had a whirlwind trip to Lake Tahoe over the weekend.  The highlight was most certainly spending some wondertime in the bamboo bower (mural in arched hallway)."  I LOVE IT!  So very special."

Michelle Green