Do you love to shop?  If so, you are lucky.  The internet has taken a lot of the mystique and exclusivity out of interior design shopping.  First, I can provide you with detailed specifications of all of the large and medium furniture and accessories which are needed.  I will also give you an up to date list of all of my favorite vendors to use.  From there, I can help you a little or a lot.  Many clients do most of the leg work, and then send me pictures to get my opinions. You can save a lot of money by doing your own shopping.  However, I can really be of service picking out the smaller objects and art pieces which are one of a kind and can be the icing on the cake.  

Shopping not your thing? I can shop for you.  I will send you several options for each piece needed, and upon approval, I will order them for you.  I will also do on the ground shopping at my favorite boutiques and sources to find the fabulous little pieces that will take the project over the top.

*I charge hourly for shopping at $125/hour