How can I help you with your design project?

A design project may seem daunting and I am here to help you through the process.  My range of services can be chosen a la carte or can be packaged together depending on your needs.  You may want to use 1 or 2 of my services, or to break down the project into smaller phases.  My emphasis is on reviving, redesigning and renewing your space by using (mostly) what you already own.  If your are unsure of how to begin, color is a great place to start!.......

Color selection is a science, and the  perfect color changes everything.  It is the most cost effective and dramatic way to change a space.  With more than 17 years of experience, I understand the science of selecting paint colors.  As your personal color consultant, I will help you consider all of the factors before selecting paint colors- lighting, furnishings, architectural details and your own personal taste.

How My Color Selection Works:

My collaborative color consulting begins with defining how you want your home to feel.  I come to your home to meet with you and discuss the space and find out more about your vision.  Then, through a methodical process I review a variety of color fan decks and select just the right colors to achieve the vision you have for your home.

You receive 3 choices per room to paint on your walls to see how they look at all times of the day and in all types of natural and artificial lighting to confirm your color selection before you paint.  *Pricing varies whether you want to pick up and paint samples, or hire me to do so.  After the swatches are painted, I will help you choose the final color via email, phone, or facetime.

A detailed summary of all of your final color selections and their intended locations is emailed to you.

You have access to complementary follow-up questions regarding your project, either by email or phone, or facetime.  I will be there for you from start to finish.

*A 1/2 Hour Color Consultation is Complementary and from there I will provide a bid based on the scale of the project.


As is often the case, it is difficult to visualize a project with out a picture.  A Digital Floor Plan will bridge that gap. 

How the Digital Floor Plan Process Works:

First, I come to your home and meet with you and discuss how you would like to use the space.  We discuss your use of the space, and will evaluate the furniture and accessories you well as the ones you don't.  My goal is to incorporate and treasure the pieces that you love- even if they may need a little re-do.  Next, I precisely measure the existing space as well as the furniture that you think you may want to keep. 

I provide you with three 3D floor plans which will incorporate your favorite pieces in new ways, as well as show which additional pieces are to be added.  Once a Floor Plan is chosen, I provide you with the specifications of the furniture and accessories which need to be purchased.  

*A 1 Hour Floor Plan Consultation is Complementary and from there I will provide a bid based on the scale of the project.

In an Interior Redesign (otherwise known as a 1-day makeover), I create a stylish and harmonious space for my clients by working with what they already own.  I use my knowledge in design and color principles to rearrange and reinvent the client's existing furnishings.  In the space of one day, my team and I transform rooms to give them functionality and fluidity.  More importantly, we showcase the client's treasures and we reflect their personal style.  

A Redesign is a great solution:

  • If you want to improve the flow and functionality of your home

  • If you want a fresh look that maximizes what you already own

  • If you have merged two households into one and want to make the new space cohesive and stylish

  • If you are moving to a new home, and would like experts to decorate the new space with your existing furnishings

  • If you are expecting a new member to the household and you want to prepare for the pitter patter of little feet

  • If you have completed a remodel or addition to your home, and you want to furnish you new space

How the Redesign Process Works:

First, there is a in home consultation.  As with all of my services I want to come to your home and discuss your needs first.  I want to know how you use the room(s), what the foot traffic patterns are, and which pieces that you love and don't love in the space.  Once we decide which rooms you would like to redesign, I provide you with a bid for my services.

My team and I come over and do a 1-day Redesign.  Depending on the scope and scale of the project, I will bring a team of between 2 and 5 people.  I request that the clients provide a clean and neat space free of clutter.  However, there is no need to move any furniture or accessories- we will take care of that!  *for larger projects > 3 + rooms the process may take 1.5 to 2 days.

We remove all of your existing art and accessories, and arrange them into "like" groups.  

Next, we rebuild your rooms piece by piece, from the bottom to the top.  We start with area rug placement and large furniture placement.  We move on to placing medium pieces and accessories.  Finally, we top it off final art and accessory placement.  It is an organized and systemized process which is artfully and skillfully carried through.  The results are Amazing!

Finally, you come home to your "NEW" space.  You will be astounded by the results.

*A 1 Hour Redesign Consultaion is Complementary and from there I will provide a bid based on the scale of the project.




Every Chair Has A Story
— Nancy Romweber
oakland chair before.jpg

I truly do believe that every chair has a story.  Most people own heirloom pieces which have more character and style than any piece that can be bought from a new store.  Sure, this chair may be a bit battered and neglected...and a bit outdated, but it belonged to my client's Gramps...and it was his favorite chair!  Rather than send it to a land fill, I was able to completely reinvent the chair, while paying homage to Gramps.  The best part of a furniture revival is that it allows a client to pay tribute to a treasured piece while giving it a completely new look.  And, in many cases the furniture revival is less expensive than a brand new piece of comparable furniture would be.  Win Win!!!

*A 1 Hour Furniture Revival Consultation is Complementary and from there I will provide a bid based on the scale of the project.


Each Revived Piece of Furniture is:

Hand-Picked for its superior design and craftsmanship

Stripped to its frame and repaired as necessary

Refinished by hand with a custom specialty finish

Coated with a protective diamond furniture finish

Expertly Reupholstered using high quality materials

Dressed with  designer fabrics and trims.

Once It is Fully Revived.....I am proud to offer the piece to you.

Do you love to shop?  If so, you are lucky.  The internet has taken a lot of the mystique and exclusivity out of interior design shopping.  First, I can provide you with detailed specifications of all of the large and medium furniture and accessories which are needed.  I will also give you an up to date list of all of my favorite vendors to use.  From there, I can help you a little or a lot.  Many clients do most of the leg work, and then send me pictures to get my opinions. You can save a lot of money by doing your own shopping.  However, I can really be of service picking out the smaller objects and art pieces which are one of a kind and can be the icing on the cake.  

Shopping not your thing? I can shop for you.  I will send you several options for each piece needed, and upon approval, I will order them for you.  I will also do on the ground shopping at my favorite boutiques and sources to find the fabulous little pieces that will take the project over the top.

*I charge hourly for shopping at $125/hour

The moment has arrived!  You have consulted, colored, arranged, revived, redesigned, shopped and shopped and shopped.  Now what?

Styling is the cherry on top of all of that hard work.  As my Design mentor Eileen said, "When it comes to interior design, inches matter!"  I can come to your new space to help with the final arranging, art hanging and styling.  

*I charge hourly for styling at $125/hour