Furniture Revivals

Furniture Revivals are pieces of furniture which have been completely revamped.  Why take an heirloom piece and put it in the garage...or worse yet, the dump??  Sometimes, all they need is a little bit of inspiration.


Styling is the cherry on top of all the designing, painting, planning, shopping, moving and installing.  This is the part where everything comes together to feel like home.  

Room Redesign Before and Afters:

Room Redesigns  create  immediate and dramatic results.  During a redesign, my design team and I will transform a room in just one day to give it balance, harmony and style using only the items that you already own.  

Room Revival Before and Afters

Room Revivals incorporate a number of my services which may include:

Color Consulting, Digital Floor Plan Design, Room Redesign,

Furniture Revival, Shopping, and Styling