As is often the case, it is difficult to visualize a project with out a picture.  A Digital Floor Plan will bridge that gap. 

How the Digital Floor Plan Process Works:

First, I come to your home and meet with you and discuss how you would like to use the space.  We discuss your use of the space, and will evaluate the furniture and accessories you well as the ones you don't.  My goal is to incorporate and treasure the pieces that you love- even if they may need a little re-do.  Next, I precisely measure the existing space as well as the furniture that you think you may want to keep. 

I provide you with three 3D floor plans which will incorporate your favorite pieces in new ways, as well as show which additional pieces are to be added.  Once a Floor Plan is chosen, I provide you with the specifications of the furniture and accessories which need to be purchased.  

*A 1 Hour Floor Plan Consultation is Complementary and from there I will provide a bid based on the scale of the project.