Helllo Yelllo: How 3 Cans of Spray Paint + a Lil' Bit of Strategy can Change your Life

A couple of weeks ago my friend and client asked me to help breathe a little more life into her living room.  She wanted to give it oomph, but didn't want to mess with the configuration a lot because the surround sound and TV were installed to perfection by her hubby.  She also didn't want to make any major purchases furniture-wise (not just yet, anyway.)  The BEFORE:

As you can see in the room, there is a lot of neutral, a little yellow and a little Crayola Burnt Sienna happening.  I suggested we pick a color to feature, and I would edit, rearrange, and stye her accent pieces and art to complement that color.  She picked Yellow.  And (drumroll please)....she told me "Do whatever you want" to that little side table next to the couch.  This is the phrase that every artist loves to hear!!  Seconds later, tire screeches could be heard as I high-tailed it to the hardware store to pick up spray paint.  

After some unfortunate trial and error, I became a big fan of the Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover product.  It sprays on easily and really does what it says...it covers twice as well as the others.  Bravo!  Well, I took that little side table home, and in a couple of days, using a couple of tricks, I made this:

With some artful furniture rearranging, editing, styling...and a "new" table, the room now looks like this:

In order to make the room cohesive, I wanted to make sure that yellow was featured on the opposite side of the room.  The client's bookshelves BEFORE were like so...

In addition to editing out most of the paperbacks, and restyling the shelves, I was on a particular quest to find a little yellow to display.  And I found it.....

Hardbound books are a great resource to go to when looking for color.  When you look at a stack of books...you can usually find just about any color you want to feature.  I recommend taking the jackets off of the books to give them more class.  Just look at those colors! Oh, and look at the little cutie who gets to enjoy her new room!

I really enjoyed doing this project, and demonstrating how focusing on highlighting a chosen color can breathe new life into a room. Now this living room has a little yellow here...a little more yellow there...and it feels balanced.  So, now you see what you can do with 3 cans of spray paint....and a little strategy.  I say, just pick a color...and have fun!

Until next week, happy color-ing.