Coffee, Tea, and Totally Stress-Free. 3 Steps to Creating a Zen Guest Room

Everyone needs a little more namaste in there lives.  I know I do.  Quite honestly, usually before I embark on a vacation, I feel like this guy:

So, I find it especially nice to stay in a hotel or someone's home that helps me bring a little bit more calm into my life.  I like staying in rooms that feel Zen, don't you?  In this blog I will show you how to convert a guest bedroom and make it Zen in 3 Steps. 

The Befores:  I recently worked with clients who wanted to do a little Revival to their Guest Room in their Lake Arrowhead home.  The room looked like this:

* Please note there were houseguests at the time, so there were extra items strewn about

Not unlike a lot of rooms, this room had evolved over the years, but had never been seriously reevaluated, much less stripped down and redesigned.  There were accumulated art prints hung, as well as furniture that was both inherited and bought.  The clients are super cool, into Qigong, and into nature.  I thought, well wouldn't it be great if the room made you feel relaxed, calm, and closer to nature?  Wouldn't it be great if guests could feel like this little fella?

So,  I thought it would fit the clients' lifestyle and love of nature, if I turned this room into a Zen Mountain Retreat.  First, I consulted with the clients about having the room repainted. It turned out they had already chosen a beautiful color- Benjamin Moore Safari, which I thought would look great.  As with all of my room revivals, I consulted with the clients about which pieces of furniture should be revived...and which pieces should be donated.  Then, in collaboration with the clients, I designed a Zen Guest Room for them using these 3 steps:

1.  Keep in Minimal

As simple as it sounds, sometimes our eyes need to rest....even when they are open!  So, creating a visual calm can really make us feel relaxed.  In this room I chose just a few accessories and art pieces to add color and texture, but kept most of the room in a neutral palette which complimented the Safari walls.

2.  Chose a Nature-Derived, Calming Color Palette

While everyone has his or her favorite colors, there is actually a science to the psychology of color.  Certain colors actually evoke feelings in most people.  The reason that green rooms are because green is a color of nature that makes most people feel calm.  So, naturally the room needed a little green.  I found this sunflower print simply by "shopping" in the client's house (Often times when I am reviving multiple rooms, I find pieces which would enhance a different room than they are currently in) The sunflower print provided a perfect simple and natural color palette to be carried out through the guest room.

3.  Use Natural, Earthy Materials for Furniture and Accessories

Just as nature-inspired colors evoke calm, so do earthy and natural materials.  For the room I purchased two gorgeous reclaimed wood side tables at the Alameda Flea Market.  The clients chose a beautiful wood headboard, and I Revived their two ceramic lamps by wrapping them with 100 feet of hemp rope each (detailed in a future blog).  Now, the room is serene, relaxed and ready for guests.  As for me, after sitting at the computer, I am going to go do some light yoga!

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.  Until next time, have fun, keep is natural, strike a pose, and Namaste to all you gorgeous people!