Dang, That's a Good Read!(ing Nook)

Disclaimer: This is NOT a blog post about NeNe Leakes other than the fact that the girl can give a good read.  And I would know because I am a bit of an expert on the Real Housewives Franchise.  Okay, haters, don't go getting all judgy eyes on me.  

And Furthermore, This is the first blog post I have written in over 3 years.  When Georgia was born 3 years ago, I was sure I would have tons of time to blog and build my business while she slept.  I can hear all of the moms out there thinking,  "HaHaHa, I GET IT!  I get you."   And everyone else is thinking, "Yeah, and so what's the problem?"  So, here is my little story about a Reading Nook Makeover:

My Client called me in to help her create a reading nook for her home office.

What I first saw when I looked in the corner was a classic San Francisco apartment with beautiful high ceilings and built in bookshelves.  What I also saw was that the Super Sized chair and some over-crowding were not highlighting the space.

My goal was to make the space light and airy, and to use the bookshelves to showcase my client's treasures from her travels.  I also wanted to accentuate the height of the room.  With permission to "shop" her house, and a couple of hours, I redesigned the space to this:

When I found the vintage felt print with the gold frame that was tucked away gathering dust, I knew I had found my muse!  Now, the trick was to find posters to coordinate with the colors in the print for above the bookshelf.  I then went through the clients travel treasures and curated a few items which related to each other to be used in the bookshelf.

Turns out, the "before" super sized chair worked well in the family room, and I was able to trade it in for this little number.  This reproduction french arm chair is more to scale, and it complements the period of the architecture.  The "before" record albums also were moved elsewhere and the paperback books were paired down.  Then the bookshelf had plenty of room for treasures, as well as room for negative space.

The painting in the corner creates a focal point for the reading area.  And the bookshelves create a great conversation starter because all of the items tell a story.  The space also looks lofty and light.  My work here is done. Kinda makes me want to grab my kindle and go cozy up somewhere.

Do you have a Reading Nook in your house...or would you like one?  

Do you think NeNe gives the best Reads????!!  I would LOVE to know.

Until next week, Happy Reading!

Thanks for coming by my blog,  Nancy

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