"Mom and Dad, Stacy Graduated, So Why Can't I?"

Life happens, right?  So, sometimes when the kids go off to college, and graduate, and move 3,000 miles away, it becomes evident  that they are not moving back.  And sometimes these said individuals are kicking ass in the real world and  taking New York city by storm....(Oh, Hell Yes, you know who you are!).  Well, gosh darn it, if they can graduate and be fabulous, then why can't their rooms???

I am here to stand up for the rights of abandoned rooms of America.  Rise up, rooms!!!

The awesome clients who are the keepers of this room have been working their booties off for a lifetime.  But, with semi-retirement, and a little more free time, they decided to make a few changes in their home.  Stacy's room was one of the rooms they wanted to change.  The clients wanted to work with a moderate budget and to give the room  a more grown-up, classic look to be used as their primary guest room. It was also important to them to repurpose furniture where possible, and to buy new furnishings as needed for a fresh look.  They knew that they wanted to paint the room blue, so we started there.   

Because their house is on Lake Arrowhead, and the clients live an outdoor lifestyle, I wanted to choose a color with a soothing, coastal quality.  We decided on Benjamin Moore Manor Blue.  The fresh paint and clear walls were a breath of fresh air.  The clients liked the clean aesthetic, so we decided to keep the decorating fairly minimal.  After I gave the clients a moodboard and a detailed specification list of items to be purchased, they did most of the shopping themselves.  They did a mighty good job of it.  


While the clients were charged with most of the shopping, I Revived a few pieces of their furniture to go into the room.  This beautiful chest belonged to Stacy's grandmother...and it was tucked away in storage.  Blasphemy, I say!  It was painted dark green, and all of the beautiful details were lost, so I gave it a new look.  Antique white paint and Gel Stain to accentuate the grooves and scrollwork were applied.  Then, I applied a couple of coats of polyurethane to give it a satin furniture finish.

This Big Daddy of a dresser was in the master bedroom (which I also redid).  He was dark brown and was wearing shiny brass drawer pulls.  He was also part of a "bedroom set" in the master.  No, no, no, I say! I wanted to break up the team and give him new life.  So, I painted him a robin's egg blue- very close to the wall color, covered him with a white wash and polyurethane, and dressed him in new polished nickel bucket pulls.  He looks right at home in his new room.

I installed a black and white gallery wall to celebrate and honor the past....but left room for future photos to join the wall.  (Ahem new family members etc.) I added a couple of pops of orange with the pillow and blanket, I did a little bit of styling...... and then the room was ready.

Jim, and Fancy, it was such a pleasure working with you guys.  I hope you enjoy your Coastal Glam Guest room.  And Stacy and Zack.  I hope you visit more often!    

Thanks to all for reading my blog.  Until next week, Nancy